Next time things heat up, do not stop to turn the lights off – keep them on!

There are a few different reasons why couples are intimate in total darkness. One of the most common reasons women run to turn the lights off is because they are not comfortable with their bodies.

Do not let the pressure from the media control your sex life. Embrace your body. Let him watch. He would not want to be intimate with you if he wasn’t attracted to you.

When things are getting hot and heavy, seeing you naked in the light isn’t going to decrease his sexual desire for you.  Quite the opposite…

Reasons to let him watch:

  • He can see that you are enjoying yourself
  • He can get a visual of himself having sex with you
  • Giving him the opportunity to adore and please your body promotes healthy development of his ego
  • He gets the view in every position
  • He releases more feel good hormones when he sees you naked, which intensifies the pleasure he experiences

Confidence Is Sexy

It turns him on when you are confident. Some men claim that confidence is one of the sexiest things about a woman.

Being needy and requiring constant reassurance can be exhausting to a man. Most men are not as critical about a woman’s body as she would be about her own physique.  Few things kill the mood as fast as, “Hey hunny.  Can we stop for a second so I can turn out the lights?”

When a woman is confident, her man notices and the carefree energy draws him closer. Be confident that he is not even noticing your stretch marks; he’s too busy watching and getting pleasure from how much he’s pleasing you.

If you are too worried about covering yourself, there is no way you can relax and truly enjoy sex. You may be avoiding specific positions he likes because you are insecure. Confident women are more fun because they embrace their sexual needs and desires.

A man doesn’t just want to have sex with you; he wants you to have sex with him. Great sex is giving and receiving sexual pleasure. A confident woman is more likely to enjoy herself and touch more often – him and herself. He wants to see that you are having fun and are happy!

Don’t be afraid to express yourself during sex. Be open and try new things!

Accept his compliments. Believe him when he says you are beautiful. Let him know that you appreciate his comments.

You should never begin talking about what you dislike about your body after he compliments you. Instead, keep the list to yourself and use them as encouragement. Work on accepting things you cannot change and realize only you can change your attitude towards your body.

Satisfy Him And Stimulate His Five Senses

The number one thing that turns a man on is your enthusiasm about having sex with him.  Enthusiasm can be gauged by how much you are enjoying sex. He wants to know that you want it.  Your pleasure feeds his ego and makes him feel masculine.

Express yourself; smile, make eye contact, touch, moan, and signal to him that you want more. He can’t see you when the lights are out.  He can only feel, smell, taste, and maybe hear you. Give it all to him and let him see you.

Take Things To The Next Level Using The Language Of Desire

The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith helps you embrace your sexuality, feel sexier, and be more confident, knowing that what you are doing is what he desires. Blow his mind by talking dirty to him and use these secret sexy techniques that will satisfy his deepest desires.