Winning the attention and praises of a woman doesn’t have to be difficult. In most cases, it only requires doing a few simple things that leave her impressed and eager for the next date.

Here are 8 to get you started:

Be A Gentleman

Women are impressed by men who pull chairs and open doors for them. They might seem like simple chivalries, but they provide women with crucial insight into what the future holds.

If a man fails to show a general respect for women or lacks certain gentleman-like qualities, the relationship will be doomed from the very start. In most cases, such qualities must be there from the beginning.

Show Interest

It’s very important for a man to listen as much as he talks. Don’t let the entire conversation be about you.  A woman should feel that you are truly interested in learning more about her.

Be Well Groomed

A man has to be well-groomed because most women have a keen eye for detail. Simple things like showering, ironing your clothes, shaving and making your hair are some of the aspects they look at when they first meet a man.

Some of the other minor areas that women usually focus on include polished shoes and groomed hands.

Maintain Interesting Conversation

Nobody likes people who swear or use vulgar language all the time, especially women. These are some of things you should absolutely avoid on your first date.

Make sure that the conversation remains positive and up-beat. As a result, she will be able to see the good things about you.

Give Her Sincere Compliments

As we all know, compliments will get you where you need to be. Everyone woman loves to get them.  However, they must be simple and sincere.

For instance, “You have beautiful eyes” is a much better option than “Damn! You’re hot!”

Show Her Your Fun Side

The process of knowing each other should be fun and easy. Come up with various activities that allow you to know each other better without any added pressure.

If she feels comfortable around you, she will definitely open up more.

Flirt With Her

Women absolutely love flatteries. You can ask her questions, encourage her or joke with her.  The main point is to be flirtatious.

Make the conversation a bit more interesting by steering clear of generic questions. This will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Touch Her

If your date is going well and you are in a comfortable setting, you can lightly touch her. This may be on her arm or on the tips of her fingers.

You can rest assured that this simple act will not go unnoticed. It will also give you some idea of how comfortable she is with these kinds of gestures.

If she doesn’t pull away, you should take it as a good sign that things are going well.

If she pulls away, back off.  She may not be into you, or she may simply be undecided.