A Woman Thinking About Her ManDating is difficult. Most of the time, it feels like a complicated game where the rules keep changing. Even when you think things are going well, while you’re busy thinking “How can I make a girl think about me?” she’s already moved on to the next dude.

But guess what? This doesn’t need to happen anymore!

If you want to be that dude who knows how to wrap a girl around his finger, just follow these six surefire ways to keep her thinking about you and adopt the techniques from the latest version of the Girlfriend Activation System, GFAS V2.  It rocks!

1. Look And Feel Good

If you’re not some Fabio-type supermodel, this is not our passive-aggressive way of saying “You don’t stand a chance, buddy. Better quit while you’re ahead.” Instead, what we’re telling you is that women care about your appearance just as much as they care about theirs. When women see that you take care of yourself, it sends the message that you’re also capable of taking care of them.

To start sending this message, you first need to start looking good. Trim your nails regularly, keep a clean-shaven face or a well-groomed beard, use deodorant, wear clothes that flatter your physique, and wear a pleasant but distinctive signature scent. The signature scent not only communicates good hygiene, it’s a trick for creating a stronger memory of you by engaging her olfactory senses.

You also need to get your self-confidence to a level where you feel good about yourself. If you have unresolved issues that severely affect your self-esteem, consider seeing a professional or at least find ways to confront and resolve these problems. You can even start with something simple like adopting a power stance. Otherwise, women will sense this weakness, see you as an unreliable partner, and move on.

Once you’ve overcome your struggles with self-esteem, you’ll find that you instinctively display the mannerisms of a confident man. According to AskMen.com, there are many small mannerisms that women look for to help them make big decisions about whether or not you’re worth their time. This includes maintaining eye contact, good posture, adopting a power stance, not fidgeting, and generally moving with confidence.

Remember, you only have a split second to make a good impression. Make it count.

2. Pay Attention

It isn’t uncommon to hear a woman complain about how men never listen. If you’re one of these men, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of insight on how to please women. A surefire way to get a girl to keep thinking about you is to genuinely pay attention to everything she says and does.

Let’s say you’ve managed to strike up a conversation with a girl you’re trying to impress…

Make sure you maintain eye contact and commit to being engrossed in what she’s saying. Ask follow up questions and contribute meaningfully to the conversation to show her that you’re sincerely interested. This will not only flatter her, it will also set you apart from so many men who either only half-listen or who are too self-absorbed to really care.

When she reveals things about her likes, dislikes, experiences, and dreams, make sure you file this away in your information bank. Reference this information after several dates and she’ll be amazed at how you’ve cared enough to remember these little things.

If she says her favorite color is purple and that her favorite memory of her trip to Holland was attending a tulip festival, bring her a bouquet of purple tulips on your next date. If she says she loves cats but her apartment doesn’t allow pets, get a reservation to a cat cafe the next time you meet.

The key here is to incorporate this trove of information you have into your interactions with her in a thoughtful and creative way. Pay attention to her, and she’ll constantly think about you when you’re not around.

3. Charm Her

Charm, according to good old Meriam-Webster, is a quality that makes someone very likeable or attractive. To succeed in making yourself a mainstay in a girl’s thoughts, you need to have at least some kind of charm. There are different ways to be charming, but some of the most common ones are easily incorporated into your natural interactions with women.

Women love men who are the classic definition of a gentleman. In fact, in another AskMen.com article, women rated kindness as one of their top turn-ons. So open the door for her, pick up the check, keep your word, and be kind to servers to show her that you’ve got a caring and kind personality.

On a side note, some modern women don’t like over-the-top chivalry because they want to feel independent. If you’re dating this type of woman, respect her wishes and only pay for the check or pull up a chair for her once in a while.

Another way to up the charm is to be witty and funny. While being funny might not be an easy personality trait to fake, it helps to surround yourself with witty people and try to learn from them. At the very least, you can learn how to elegantly poke fun at yourself.

If funny isn’t your thing, you can also play the smart card. Keep up with current events, be curious, and read daily. Find out something she’s interested in, educate yourself about it, and engage her in a conversation about it when you see each other next. Take care not to come off as a “know-it-all”; the key here is to be smart but approachable.

4. Compliment Her With Confidence

Any guy can compliment a woman on how she looks. To keep her thinking about you, WikiHow suggests that you compliment her confidently, with sincerity, and don’t limit your praise to her physical attributes.

Women will know if you’re feeding them a line or just saying nice things to get in their pants. Before you give her a compliment, make sure you focus on things you genuinely find attractive about her. Compliments always work best when they are sincere.

You also need to deliver compliments in a confident manner. Fumble with your compliment and she’ll think you don’t believe it enough to say it with confidence. When you compliment her, make sure she knows you mean it. The right words and phrases can keep her thinking about you all night long.

If you figure out that she sees herself as a fashionista, compliment her sense of style. If she thinks of herself as an animal lover, praise her compassion. Make her feel good about herself by reinforcing how she views herself.

Lastly, while it’s good to compliment her body every once in a while, doing it too often makes a woman feel uncomfortable. Instead, focus on specific physical attributes like her smile, her eyes, or even her hands! When she sees that you notice these little things about her, she won’t be able to get you out of her head.

5. Embody Generosity And Spontaneity

Be generous by doing nice acts for her without expecting anything in return. Be kind, lend her your time, and you can even splurge on her every once in a while. Make her feel like she can rely on you when she’s in need.

Just make sure you don’t overdo this by becoming a slave to her beck and call. This will backfire. We’ll tell you why in a bit.

Spontaneity is sexy. Yes, women want a man who is reliable and can be depended on. But too much of a “Dependable Dan” becomes a “Boring Bob”. Both of these men are single.

Show her she can rely on you for important things (i.e. keeping your word, being punctual, etc.), but pull out a surprise once in a while to keep things exciting. Make this technique do double duty by surprising her with a hobby of yours that you haven’t told her about (e.g. racing cars, dancing). This allows you to keep a little bit of mystery to your persona and is a subtle invitation for her to stick around because there’s more to you than she knows about.

By striking a balance between the element of surprise and dependability, you’re keeping your relationship interesting and at the forefront of her thoughts.

6. Be Reliable But Make Yourself Scarce

While it’s important to be someone a woman can rely on, you also need to make sure that you don’t become “too available”. Psychology Today reports that people tend to value and desire something more when it’s rare or when they can’t have it. This finding, called the Scarcity Principle, is invaluable information if you want to keep a girl thinking about you.

How can you use this Scarcity Principle to your advantage? Make yourself a little harder to obtain by not picking up at the first ring when she calls. You might even get away with not taking some of her calls.

When she invites you to go somewhere or asks for a favor, don’t always make yourself available. If it happens that you’re actually busy at work, have plans with a friend, or have a family thing at the time, let her know this. By telling her that you don’t just cancel on pre-existing plans, it not only reinforces the Scarcity Principle, it also sends a message that you value the commitments you make.

Knowing how to leverage the Scarcity Principle is powerful. If you do it right, she’ll be even more motivated to find a way to be with you. That said; take care not to overdo it. If you decline her all the time, she’s going to think you aren’t into her.

Now that you’ve got all these tips in your dating arsenal, stop moping around and wondering, “How can I make a girl think about me?” Instead, go out, meet a girl, use these tips, and make it impossible for her to get you out of her mind.