Ah…the struggles of love. Everyone has – at least once in their lifetime – struggled with their love life. Especially when it comes to getting your crush to like you back enough to actually date you.

Everyone has felt like the most undesirable person to exist in the world when the person they like does not even bother looking at them. It is natural, even more so for men. But that does not mean it is totally helpless. Getting a girl to date you can be tough but not impossible – if one knows how to strategize.  For step-by-step guidance see this GFAS review.

Contrary to popular belief, being a jerk does NOT work. Maybe it will snag the girl’s attention but 9/10 times that relationship will not succeed. It is based on a lie and no matter how much you convince yourself all’s fair in love and war, it still makes you an immature person.

To get a girl to date you, you have to be yourself, you have to make her like who you are rather than who she wants you to be. Let’s plan out a strategy for you in steps to help you get that girl you have been thinking about all day (if a woman is reading this, no, OF COURSE, we are not that emotional pffht…really).

Step 1: This is more of a warning, more of a don’t than a do. Do NOT stalk her no matter how much you want to. Seriously, we don’t know how they manage to look all sweet and romantic in movies but it does not work in real life. You will probably end up creeping her out.
Getting that out of the way, we get to

Step 2: Friends of friends. You might have heard many couples tell people how they met their partner through mutual friends. Yep, that works like a charm. It is the best way to get a girl to know that you exist anyway.

Step 3: Be nice and sweet but keep it moderate – again, you may have heard that girls like jerks but mature girls know better. If you doubt that they like sweet guys, just check that statistics of how many women adore chick flicks and you’ll get the idea that they DO like sweet guy. But not overly sweet, they want an understanding man, not cavities.

Step 4: This might just be the most important step depending on the kind of guy you are. Let me put it subtly…TAKE CARE OF YOUR HYGIENE.

Girls do not like messy guys (unless the messy is the kind of good messy, and we’re not getting into that confusion) – keep yourself clean and make sure you smell nice, girls eat (smell?) that up.

Step 5: Be friends first, date later. Be a good friend to her but keep a distance, so that you don’t get into the friend zone. Make her laugh, pay attention to her, but do not be around all the time or available all the time, either. Then, when you feel like the time is right, find a suitable (preferably sweet) way to ask her out. If she isn’t insane, chances are she will accept it.

Good luck, misters!