Diabetes Glucometer With FruitBeing diagnosed with diabetes feels like a life sentence. If the daily struggle with blood sugar and feeling ill and weak aren’t enough, the constant need to carefully monitor your condition to avoid serious and potentially life threatening consequences certainly feels like torture.

There is no doubt that diabetes is quite the burden to bear, but the good news is, there are some natural techniques and lifestyle changes which can help minimize the effects of the disease.

Many of these practices are already cornerstones in the blueprint for healthy living. Careful attention to diet, regular exercise, and similar lifestyle choices are important not only for diabetics, but for everyone.

In sufferers of diabetes, however, these simple everyday things take on much greater gravity. Below, we’ll explore some of what the scientific literature says about natural methods to combat diabetes.

Please note that diabetes is an extremely serious condition, and while the ideas outlined in this article may be helpful in treating the condition, they are no replacement for medical assistance.

Treating Blood Sugar From The Source

Although doctors and scientists have long known that diet plays an important role in diabetes, there still remains no consensus regarding an “ideal” diabetic diet any more than there is a consensus on an “ideal” diet for everyone. However, there are some generally accepted guidelines, some of which have been studied scientifically. There are also several excellent programs, the most notable being Diabetes Destroyer, which provide step-by-step guidance for helping diabetics overcome their condition.

Common dietary recommendations for diabetics include consuming carbohydrates from sources such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat milks. Approximately 60-70% of energy intake should come from carbohydrates and monounsaturated fats.

Some research suggests the total amount of carbohydrates consumed is more important than their source or type. The consumption of dietary fiber is also recommended and has been shown to play an important role in the way sugar is digested.

While the guidelines laid out here are quite useful for diabetics and for furthering research into the disease, these types of studies present us with, at best, an outline of what a healthy diet might look like for a diabetic.

A study examining the effects of four different diets on diabetes outlined some of the troubles behind finding the “ideal” diabetes diet. In the study, all four of the diets showed positive results, yet the positive impacts varied considerably between the individuals evaluated in the study.

The authors suggest that rather than seeking out a single “ideal” diet, we should address each unique individual with a tailor made diet suited to the particular needs of their physiology. Put simply, there is no single best way to cure diabetes naturally that works for every individual all of the time.

Natural Ways To Lower Blood Sugar

Exercise has been studied for its important effects on blood glucose and insulin. Regular physical exercise is extremely useful in diabetes control and should be an essential part of every diabetic’s lifestyle.

Besides regular exercise, there are a few everyday substances which are sometimes useful in fighting diabetes due to their ability to control blood glucose levels. For example, cinnamon is a common spice linked to lower blood sugar levels and is helpful in the everyday management of diabetes.

Vinegar is another substance often noted for its anti-glycemic effect. It has been studied for its potentially important role in blood glucose management when ingested before meals or at bedtime.

Stay Vigilant

The best way to cure diabetes naturally is remaining vigilant and tailoring treatment to your own individual needs and physiology. Proper diet and exercise are stepping stones on the way to a healthy lifestyle and a life free from the symptoms of diabetes.