You are probably familiar with the famous quote by Albert Einstein:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.”

The same is true regarding relationships. We live in a time where many women are attracted to potential partners, although deep inside every one of them knows that he is not the right guy for her.

You have probably had the same experience.

You laid your eyes on that sexy guy at the counter and you were mesmerized to find out that he drives a Porsche 901. This was unfortunately a disaster, just like many other relationships you had before.

You might wonder why you give 6 precious months of your life to this person who never loved or cared about you. Well, the naked truth is that even though you didn’t choose it, you still agreed to it.

You may think most men out there are drug addicts, have problems with pornography, or fall into the category of abusive men. It seems that only nerdy and goofy men are able to show some respect. Fortunately, that’s not true.

There are many good looking men who are eager to enter in a relationship with you and love you. You just need to know how and where to find these precious men.

Are You Really Attracted To Him?

This is what you need to know before letting yourself  get “hooked” by the wrong guy:

1. Agree not to date other people

You need someone who cares about your feelings and loves you with all his heart. Before starting out with a guy you feel attracted to, discuss with him about dating other people.

You don’t want an open relationship, but you want to ensure he will never want to cheat on you.  Make your expectations and agreements clear from the start.

2. Deal with the issue

It’s never too late to solve this problem. In case your man has already cheated on you because you haven’t established the boundaries, you still have the option of “redeeming him”.

3. Do not let yourself become addicted

You want a man, but you don’t want to be addicted to him. Your emotional addiction might destroy you from the inside, especially if you already have strong feelings for your man.

4. Think about your decisions

Remember, you are the one who takes the decision to accept a guy. No one forces you to choose a certain man. You do have control over your decision.

5. Find the reason

Finally, ask yourself why do you accept and are attracted to the wrong men? Is it your lack of self- esteem? Your previous relationships? Maybe your own communication issues?

Regardless of the reason, try to pinpoint it and eliminate it out of your life.