Meeting a new date is an exciting yet gut wrenching experience. Everyone is desperate to impress, with the knowledge that a loving relationship is at stake.

Knowing how to behave during a date may seem obvious. However, it is easy for you to get nervous, and act in ways that kill every chance of another date.

What may seem like harmless conversation may be completely ruining your dates. If you are constantly denied a second date, then read on and see what you are doing wrong.

Here are the top 5 dating mistakes you should stay clear of.

1. Waiting for the perfect match

In today’s socially connected world, dating options may seem almost endless. A lot of people fall into the trap of waiting for the perfect person.

They assume the next date will be better and closer to perfect. You then fear committing to the current date lest a perfect one shows up tomorrow. Such unrealistic expectations can leave you chasing new dates throughout your life.

Dating becomes a lifestyle, rather than a way of meeting a potential life partner. Start by making an honest list of the qualities you want in a partner. Make this list short and with only the most important things. Once you meet a person who fits your criteria, take a leap of faith and make it work.

2. Excessive whining

Life is tough and can be very unfair at times. However, making a big deal of this by incessantly complaining is very unwise.

People hate listening to whiners. It is tiresome and does not inspire hope or comfort.

Would you like to spend your life with someone who drags your spirit down? Of course not, so cheer up and brush off those little annoyances like bad weather or poor café service. Your date will be pleased with your positive attitude and want to see you again.

3. It is not all about you

A date is a chance to get to know each other and share experiences. This will not happen if you constantly talk about yourself.

Self-centered conversations are terrible to sit through. Your date will think you are only interested in yourself. Let your date speak too, and ask questions. This shows you are interested in your date’s life and experiences.

4. Divulging too much

Honesty is the best policy, but too much of it can be poisonous on first dates. Potential mates will get turned off by tell-all confessions about your sex life, criminality, or drinking sprees.

Save the juicy tidbits for later, when a degree of trust and honesty has been established between the two of you.

5. Being the critic

Look too closely and you will find fault with almost everyone you meet. No one is perfect, and being overly critical will put off every date.

While you need to watch out for bad signs, being overly critical ruins any chance you have of a lasting relationship. Focus on positives, and do not let negative thoughts cloud your judgment.

Avoiding these 5 mistakes will set you on course to meet and keep your dream partner.